The Language of Branding: The Potential of a Good Logo

When it comes to branding for local businesses, the success of a brand campaign can be more properly understood by taking a look at the large-scale businesses in your industry.

If you think of brand identity elements, in particular, one of the most powerful points of branding that a business can employ is a nice logo that sticks into a person’s mental imaging. Graphic design can do this with power, as a nice logo entails artistic vision in order to poke at people’s brains and embed itself.

Think of Your Favourite Products and Services

If you are a fast-food enthusiast, think about how popular the Golden Arches are in the world of fast-food. In almost every country, no matter what language people speak or what cultural identity they possess, the Golden Arches are a mark that everyone understands and knows! Everyone knows the name “McDonalds” and their iconic logo because almost all countries in the world have at least one built on their soil!

In terms of technology, think of how people know the Apple logo as a technology behemoth, no matter where you go! The iPhone line is available everywhere and to almost anyone in the world, and the simple Apple logo with the signature bite is universally recognisable.

Branding is an Entire Language

Back in ancient times, Japanese Samurai families often carried banners into battles that donned the logo of their clan, along with their colours to show their dominance and distinct natures. The logo has been around for years and began with family crests, clan logos, and other forms of art that are meant to signify uniqueness.

With this being said, a logo speaks a language that can be understood by practically anyone. By keeping a logo graphic and without much text, this ensures that the brand identity elements are being properly put into practice.

For international enterprises and multinational corporations, their logo is a universal language and symbol of their dominance and power. Local business branding is much less dominant, but the tactics used in terms of branding can benefit them as well. To further along with the branding initiative in this aspect, a talented graphic designer can create some of the most cutting-edge logos that people can associate a company with.

Logos Must Embody the Essence of a Brand

The connection between a company and its customers is through its logo and branding practices. These logos serve as the visual representation of a brand that people are able to connect with. This then has the ability to reinforce the core values and running principles of a brand—which people associate brands with.

An example of a simple logo that exudes the luxury and chic style of a brand is Ralph Lauren’s polo horseman logo. Seeing it on the left side of the chest of any Ralph Lauren shirt highlights elegance, but maintains a casual feel to it, which is the aim of the brand’s branding process.

Aside from that, Nike’s Swoosh has many meanings in the field of athletics. It could be speed, it could be exhaling after a hard rep, or it could be the flow and energy of certain sports. These all embody Nike’s core values on providing all kinds of athletes with the best products that can increase performance.

The Bottom Line

Logos are a symbolism that has extreme power in the branding process of businesses. Whether a business is a local or international corporation, a well-made logo is integral in the success of any scale. By understanding the language of branding, particularly with the essential role of logos within it, your business can grow significantly and make a name for itself.

I am Albert Salim, and I offer local business branding services in Sydney. With cutting edge graphic design for logo creation, web design, and content marketing, I can give you the most excellent brand strategies for growth. Contact me to know more about how I can help you evolve as a business!

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