Perfectionism & Procrastination

As a Creative, I know me and some of my peers constantly dream of the Utopia, where our Designs are perfect and where our ideas are flawless. It is so easy for people like us to get trapped into the refining stage to the point of exhaustion which leads to procrastination or worse, abandoning our goals and dreams. A few of my friends and families also struggle with wanting to start a Business.

Some of the ideas I’ve heard are, well, terrible, and I’m glad they didn’t proceed to pursue them, but a few of them, are brilliant. They know exactly what their approach will be, amazing product they can offer to their customers, have the right positioning, strategy and they have the right amount of Capital to kickstart their business, but often, people who tends to be careful in their life takes more time to start something new. They need that little push from someone.

So today, let me be that someone and encourage you that you will nothing to lose and everything to learn. “Putting it off doesn’t make it go away. Getting it done does.”

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