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Updated: Mar 7, 2019

I decided to write this blog in order to express my point of view on freelancing and challenge my ability to communicate with my audience (yes, you).

The goal is for us to have a better understanding of how the freelance business can work and further produce a beneficial outcome at the end (for you and for me!).

Even though the topics on the blog will be richly covered and dominated by the Design Industry, the methods and concepts is highly applicable in different scopes of your job and most importantly, your life.


I am a freshman in the world of freelancing and from what I heard, it can be terrifying especially when you don’t know what you are doing (sounds exactly like me), and I’m not speaking about the skills, but everything. Because freelance is, well, you manage everything, from the sales to the deliverables, you need to think about much more things compared to a 9 to 5 job.

After working in a Digital Marketing Agency which specialises in SEO (and thank God for that), it had opened my eyes to an entirely new sphere of doing business.

To give you a little bit of background, all I learnt in College was purely, Design (Aesthetic) and nothing on how to market my creativity and to monetise it.

I know I’m speaking to a very specific group of people here, but assuming you are really good in what you are doing, and you have excellent work ethics, how you are going to market yourself is a totally different challenge.

So how in the world do we reach that standard? and be Omniscient in a sense.

Well, there is one word that has been on my mind for weeks,


As most of you know, I value relationship, purpose and meaning so much more than the work itself, that’s just me. And just thinking about that provides me the framework to think this way.

“I believe the world is a network, and you are the centre of the network at some point.

A small thing that gives me meaning is when I am able to provide value for people and see that person (or company) flourish which will have a ripple effect to multitudes. When you collaborate, that is exactly what happens, and my dream is to see people collaborate more. Because aside from the money a good business will produce, the people now lives a much more meaningful life.”

Collaboration is a great way to realign purpose with the business you are doing. It gives meaning to you and value to people who you are working with.

So, let's collaborate, we can start by simply discussing the opportunities of working together in the future, whether it's for your business or you know somebody who will love working with me or if you are ready, you can also send me your enquiry straight away. If you love to chat, there are so many ways to reach out to me.

Email :

DM me on Instagram : @albert.s

or just simply chat through the chat box on this website, I'm online.

Talk soon, much love.


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