Branding 101: Why Your Logo Should Make an Impression

Creating the appropriate logo for your company is vital to your brand’s success—after all, it impacts how customers see your brand. It must give a good impression to your audience and give them an idea of what your brand truly is with one glance.

A proper professional logo creates the foundation of your brand identity—it provides something akin to a face for your company. You want to be able to put your brand’s face out in the market to establish yourself and make a lasting impression on your potential audience.

To cement that point further, here three reasons you should create that killer brand logo:

It’s a great introduction to your company

One of the first things your potential clients see is your brand logo. You want to be able to convey your brand’s identity with a simple symbol that would help them understand the vibe and personality of your company.

Your company logo is what clients will remember when they want your products or services, and that’s why that distinction needs to be set from the start. Work with a reputable graphic designer to help you incorporate your company’s values into a brand logo that will help your company move forward.

It sets you apart from the competition

Great brand logos don’t need introductions—the best companies have logos that have lasted for years without major re-designing. This is because they were able to establish their brand’s personality with a simple logo.

An example of a great logo design is Nike’s “Swoosh”—it symbolizes movement and resembles a checkmark, which is perfect for their business ideals. Nike’s positive logo design is a standalone logo that people can recognize without the need for text. The graphic designer behind the famous “Swoosh” captured the company’s personality and made their target audience feel their vision just by looking at the logo.

Remember: the elements of the design are important!

Your graphic designer’s challenge is to be able to create a brand logo that encapsulates your brand’s identity with all the important design elements. By remembering important design elements like colours and flexibility and your brand’s visions, your graphic designer will be able to create a timeless and effective logo.

In creating your logo, the graphic designer’s skills aren’t the highlight, it’s the knowledge of your brand’s heart and meaning that your consumers take note of. In this regard, it’s best to keep in mind your target audience, and the impact of a simple and strong design.

It gives your company value and highlights professionalism

Consumers want to create a relationship with the brands they are loyal to, and this, in turn, pushes them back to brands they know and trust.

A brand logo design that represents the company well gives the consumer the idea that they can trust your products and services. High-quality and well-designed logos will attract consumers to want to be associated with the brand, which is why you want to give them a strong sense of assurance and reliability to have them patronize your business.


Whether you’re a big company or starting a local business, it’s extremely important to invest as much time and effort into creating your brand’s logo design. Aside from it being your company’s face, it’ll be displayed and included in all your marketing materials and products. After all, you want consumers to choose your business over your competitors, and having a well-designed logo can help you with that.

Albert Salim is a professional brand strategist and graphic designer in Sydney, Australia. We collaborate with clients who want to elevate their brand’s design and to bring them to the forefront of the competition. Get in touch with us and let’s discuss your vision for your business.

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