5 Important Brand Identity Elements That You Should Incorporate

Starting a company and hitting the ground running is an exciting experience. In the beginning stages, you will more or less have a clear idea of the product or services that you want to sell. You may have even decided on a name and have complied with all the necessary government regulations to start a business. After all these initial steps, it’s time to create your brand.

Keep in mind that there are many elements to a brand design, and it is best to hire a professional graphic designer so that you are not overwhelmed with the tasks involved. A graphic designer frees your hands to allow you to focus on what really matters: charting the course for your company.

A person with experience in professional logo design will translate your business plans, services, and aspirations into a brand identity that will represent your brand for years to come. While your graphic designer will do most of the heavy lifting, they will not make a brand out of thin air.

In this article, we will share five elements of a brand identity that you should incorporate:

1. Your Logo

Branding is more than just your logo, but it is undoubtedly the most memorable part of it. Its creation should be informed by a combination of your company’s history, ideals, and aspirations. Additionally, it should also appeal to your target customers, being timeless and current. It has the immense task of representing everything that your company stands for and being memorable enough to catch your customers’ attention.

2. Logo Applications

Your logo will be used in all sorts of places, which is why it needs to shine in every possible context. It should also look as impressive and as memorable as in a billboard and your browser tab’s favicon. In the past, logo designers designed their logos to render well in black and white, because they were optimising it for newspaper ads. Today, however, you’ll have to make sure that it translates well in every form of media, from traditional to digital.

3. Colour Palette

In some ways, your colour palette is even more important than your logo because it will dictate the look of your brand, and every piece of media created for it. Most companies opt for two colours that work well together. While colours cannot be owned, some companies have become so known for them that other brands try to opt for variations instead, especially if they were in the same industry. Designers will make sure that colours work together to carefully evoke certain desired emotions.

Colour interpretation can also vary from culture to culture, so you should consult your designer when choosing colours to ensure that they resonate with your brand and its values.

4. Corporate Typefaces

Your typefaces play a significant role in defining your brand identity because they will be used in marketing material and internal communications. Just like your logo, sharp lines and corners found in most Serif typefaces communicate formality, while the more angular and soft corners in most Sans-serif designs communicate flexibility. On the extreme end, some designers will even use decorative typefaces, but these will generally be reserved for the logo marks.

5. Consistent Style for Typography and Images

A consistent style will allow your company to maintain a professional image over time. Whether you prefer using cartoon-style of illustrations over photos, or close-ups and medium shots over landscapes, keep in mind that these choices will define your brand and should be made deliberately with a goal in mind.


While your brand identity must be followed as much as possible, it should allow for some flexibility at the same time. For example, choosing a corporate typeface that will render in all devices can be tricky since devices do not often have the same typefaces installed. You may also be faced with challenges where your branding choices are no longer keeping up with the times.

With the help of an expert graphic designer, they will be able to offer a few pieces of advice to keep your brand relevant to your customers.

I’m an experienced graphic designer based in Sydney. I have worked with several known brands, most notably Microsoft, ORIX Australia, and Mitchell Starc. Get in touch with me today to know more about my approach to local business branding, and how it can work for you!

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