3 Deadly Branding Sins That Are Destroying Your Business

Brand identity is undoubtedly one of the most powerful forces that drive a business to success. Think about the classic Coca Cola versus Pepsi blind taste test. Many people choose Pepsi when it comes to the blind tasting, yet will still select Coca Cola when showing the two products together.

This is because Coca Cola’s branding is so powerful and felt throughout the world. This brand identity element’s strength is why all other soft drink brands struggle to keep up—and in some cases, it is just impossible to do so.

The way these companies have created their brand identity gives them their success. So now that this is in line, there is no doubt that your branding process will have an impact on how you succeed or fail as a business. Professionals in local business branding are well aware of its impact, along with the most common mistakes that many entrepreneurs make in their efforts.

To help you avoid these, here are some fatal errors you can make when it comes to branding your business:

Having No Unique Personality

The reason this field exists is that it is meant to separate you from your competitors. In business, there is always going to be someone providing the same products or services. Approach the brand identity field knowing that you are similar to others, and figure out ways on how to be unique!

You should know what sets you apart from the others in your field, and see who you are as a business. By focusing on this, you can showcase what your business truly stands for, showing your consumers why they should choose you over your competitors.

Placing Too Much Emphasis On What You Do

People often easily say what it is they do—but will also often leave out the more critical parts! What sets you apart from others is the way you conduct business, and this one factor will be very telling for your branding efforts.

Think about why people choose Amazon over other eCommerce retailers. Amazon’s brand identity element that sets them apart is the expedited shipping process that everyone loves. So they do the whole retailing thing, except they can do it faster than competitors!

Instead of focusing on what exactly you do, identify what makes you different—and capitalise on that!

Not Investing In A Proper Graphic Designer’s Services

Unless you have experience with digital marketing and graphic design, it is best to leave it to the professionals. Graphic designers have put in a lot of time and effort to perfect their craft, and will definitely benefit you in the long run.

Think of your logo, web design, and other artistic aspects of your business as the ones that will be making you money. Going the cheap route means looking cheap, so investing in a great graphic designer’s services will ensure that your business looks sharp in terms of brand identity elements.


Brand identity elements are both complex and straightforward. When it comes to local business branding, there are tried and tested methods that have been known to work for the longest time. Invest heavily in your branding process and strategy—after all, this is the best way to grow your business long-term and produce the best results!

I am Albert Salim, and I offer local business branding services in Sydney. With cutting edge graphic design for logo creation, web design, and content marketing, I can give you the most excellent brand strategies for growth. Contact me to know more about how I can help you evolve as a business!

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