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Homejobs Case Study.

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A full In-Depth Case Study of


The story of HomeJobs Philippines began when a few friends discovered the hard-working nature of the people of the Philippines and their superb, unrivaled English speaking skills that sent shockwaves of disbelief. We couldn’t believe how talented the people of the Philippines were and knew that we could help!

Skills involved in the project: Branding Strategy, Design Thinking, Teamwork, Graphic Design, UX and UI, and Web Design/ Front End Development.

Process :

"I expected the project to be challenging as I am not familiar with the demographics of the target market, but working closely with Jeremy (The Founder) I gained more insights that I needed to polish the brand.


I recall we started from scratch and building the brand starting from the Vision to the Aesthetics. The colors and typography were chosen very carefully and were refined to display the three main personalities (trustworthiness, friendliness, and simplicity). I am also proud of the developers who actualized the design in a very short period of time."

The Result :

After just a few days of its campaign on Facebook Ads, the landing page was filled with thousands of people ready to have their profile listed on Homejobs. Not long after that, Homejobs became a viral phenomenon in the Philippines and was featured in big stations in Manila including CNN and Manila Times.


Today, Homejobs has more than one million users who are ready to work from the comfort of their home and Jeremy is busy traveling to the Philippines and upscaling his business.

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Brief :


Create a brand that reflects trustworthiness, friendly and simple yet professional to use aimed towards the people in the Philippines who is looking to work from the comfort of their home. 

"We want to help connect talented, hardworking Filipinos who have superb English speaking and writing skills to foreign individuals and corporations."


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