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Why Branding sits next to SEO?



In this digital age, if you have a robust online touchpoint for your customers to connect with you and your business, you will most likely win the game.

My experience working in one of the best Web Digital Agency in Australia specializing in SEO and partnering with big Clients such as KPMG, Virgin Australia, ORIX, and Microsoft has taught me one thing, that online presence is crucial. That's where most of the leads and new visitors come from and also just as important, your social proof.


But in this featured video, Neil Patel thinks that building a brand is much more important than all of the SEO and Online Marketing methods. Listen to what he says.


"The one who has the biggest brand, tends to win in the long run"

Yes, optimizing your website to suit google's algorithm to rank in the first place or page is very important. But there is so much more to it... and this where branding comes to play.

A Message on brand by

Neil Patel

SEO Expert

Just Google him,

he is everywhere :D

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